About Me

About Me

James Hageman

James Hageman on a fall day.
James Hageman posing for a photo on a fall day.

Hello there, reader. Thank you for visiting Pilot Lite. My name is James Hageman, and for the past few years, I have been working as a pilot for a commercial airline. I live in Philadelphia, not too far from the airport. Of course, I’m very rarely ever home. My job has given me the freedom I’ve always wanted to travel, see new cities, and meet new people. Naturally, I’ve learned quite a bit about dating along the way. I began writing this blog to record my thoughts on my occupation, the amazing experiences I’m blessed to have every day, and the relationships that have impacted my life.

Branching Out of My Comfort Zone

When you live in one place your whole life, you can forget about the world outside of what you know. That’s the mindset I once had. Having grown up in Philadelphia and very rarely venturing out of state, I didn’t realize what was out there waiting for me. After I visited New York City upon graduating high school, I found out what I was missing. I needed to see the world. So, I started training to become a pilot. Once I earned my license, I was hired by one of the largest commercial airlines in the country.

Meeting People Across the World

One of the best parts of traveling has been meeting so many different types of people. I’ve built numerous relationships through mutual friends, dating, and networking. Plus, I’ve talked to some unforgettable individuals by engaging in conversation with strangers. Through all of these experiences, I’ve learned a lot about the human condition and the bonds we form. I hope that my thoughts and opinions can help you think about these aspects of our daily lives.