Does Age Really Matter – Making December May Relationship Work

Does Age Really Matter – Making December May Relationship Work

There’s a lot of fuss about relationships with a large age gap. Historical context going to modern times, age gaps often hint of other reasons why the relationship began. Many people think an ideal relationship should have the couple at most 10 years apart, more than that, eyebrows start to wiggle.

Men Only Myth

History and media have always portrayed older males going after younger females. In many cultures, an arranged marriage between an older male and younger female are often encouraged. There are many reasons why this usually happens. In some societies, it’s a way to keep bloodlines strong or to increase political power. Others see the dowry as a factor. Girls who go along with the marriage see it as a necessity because an older man has more chances of taking care of her than a boy her age could.

Relationships with Age Gaps Today

Today, relationships with a large age gap are often doubted. Many people think that wealth is the primary mover of such a relationship. And doesn’t help the fact that we only see what the media wants to sensationalize. They always portray the older man as the wealthy villain or the younger woman as the gold-digger. Even the LGBTQ is not exempt from such labels. Roles reversed, older wealthier women are regarded gullible and susceptive to the gigolo younger man.

How to Make the Relationship Work

Starting any type of relationship actually takes a lot of work and so is keeping the relationship alive. If you happen to fall in love with someone who is more than a decade older or younger, then these tips might help.

Couple Means Two and Not the World

Most people feel obsessed with pleasing their neighbors or the rest of the world that oftentimes it will ruin the relationship. You will never be able to please your community of 300 people lets alone the whole world of 7 billion people. What’s important is as a couple, you are there for each other. Don’t stress about what others think about relationships and focus more on the future.

Dispel Any Wealth Disparity

If you’re there for the relationship, then share everything because that’s what a relationship should be. However, it doesn’t hurt to have some sort of prenuptial agreement that both parties can agree on. Prenuptial agreements ensure that you’re not after the money and vice versa. It might sound a tad bit distrustful but a prenup is a good test of fidelity.

Settle the Relationship Before Wedlock

Just like in any type of relationship, you have to know what you’re in for before tying the knot. There are many things to consider but since you’re in an age-gap relationship, you’ll be working a little bit harder. Issues to settle include the following:

  • Fertility (especially for older women)
  • Wealth disparity
  • Presence of children from previous relationships
  • Family relationships (how your family will deal with your new partner)

You basically have the same problems as you would have in a normal relationship.

Criticisms over an older-younger pairing often stem from extreme examples or instances. There are many happy relationships that have existed and there are current couples who have stayed happy with each other.

Are you in a relationship that you think is unique? Other people might share your predicament. Pilot Lite talks about long-distance relationships, dealing with nosy in-laws and more. Let’s talk about it, leave a comment.


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