Ending My Relationship

Ending My Relationship

After three years of having a long distance relationship, we recently decided to end things. The strain of living in two different states and me traveling all the time is what did it. There was no animosity or malice, we were both just lonely in our relationship. Although, that might make the breakup even harder. Often after ending a relationship people decide to hate their ex which makes it easier to move on. But, I genuinely like my now ex, it was the distance that has lead to this. I recently wrote a post on long distance relationships, but that clearly didn’t work.

Taking Time For Yourself

When a relationship ends, it is difficult not to be affected. This person has been a part of your daily life and routine, and now they are gone. They were most likely your confidant, best friend, intimate partner. Someone that is not easily replaced. This will be a difficult breakup so I know I will need time for myself. Watch some of my favorite movies, go to a concert, remember who I was before this person was in my life. Often when you’re in a relationship, you put your partners needs before yours. And this leads to neglecting your interests.

Getting Over A Breakup

Reflect On The Relationship

At this point, many people remember the good times of the relationship, not the bad. For me I strongly remember all those romantic dinners and fun adventures. However, I am now reflecting on all those nights we missed when my flights were late or delayed. Dating as a pilot is not easy, it is almost like being the wife of a doctor. You have to be comfortable and trust your partner knowing they will be working long hours. Without trust it is difficult to maintain a relationship, especially when your always in the sky. Also, there are so many blogs about how to get over a breakup.

Enjoy Being Single

With the digital world we live in, it is very easy to find a new partner. Whether on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, there are always singles looking to mingle. I love being in a relationship but I definitely need some buffer time before I start caring for another girl again. I want to go out my friends and talk to some new people. This way I’m putting myself out there to see what happens. If I meet an amazing person next month then I might be in another relationship before I know it. But, I also don’t mind being single either. So hey, you have to keep reading to see where my next journey lies.

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