Going Solo At The Office Christmas Party

Going Solo At The Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again when holiday parties are everywhere and you’re expected to bring a date or a spouse with you to many of them, including the office Christmas party. It can be awkward and uncomfortable to go to the office party alone, but it can also be difficult to find a date. If you are stuck going to the office party solo this year and you are feeling awkward here are some great party survival strategies to make it easier to get through holiday socializing when you’re on your own:

Own Your Singleness

You will probably have to answer a lot of awkward questions from people at the party about why you there are alone. But it’s ok to say that you’re single and you don’t have to apologize for that. Don’t try to hide your single status. When people ask if you came to the party with someone say that you came alone and ask them if they have any single friends. You never know when a friend or coworker might set you up on a blind date that could turn into a great relationship. But these days it’s not a big deal for someone to be single, even during the holidays.

Group Up

You are most likely not going to be the only single person at the party. To find the other office singles and hang out as a group. You can dance, talk, and have fun together and you won’t even mind not having a date at the party with you. Just hanging out with your friend enjoying the holiday spirit as well as some great food and drinks will make the party fun.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Make sure that you stop drinking after two or three drinks. And make sure that you are sipping those drinks slowly. Alcohol is a depressant so if you are knocking back the drinks you might end up feeling sad and depressed and making a spectacle of yourself which is something you definitely don’t want to do at the office party. Remember that you are going to be hanging around your boss and other professional contacts and they will notice if you get drunk or cause a scene. Stick to just a couple of drinks that you drink slowly and if you can drink some water in between drinks.

Go For An “Irish Exit”

If you are really having a bad time or you just can’t get in the holiday spirit being there alone don’t try to stick it out. Just leave. Don’t make the rounds and don’t say goodbye to your boss or other contacts. Just slip quietly away. And if anyone asks you the next day where you went just say that you slipped out while the person asking was busy. That way you don’t have to parade yourself around the room saying your goodbyes alone before you leave. It’s ok to just leave if you’re having a bad time.

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