How To Stop Internet Arguments Before They Go Too Far

How To Stop Internet Arguments Before They Go Too Far

Social media can be a scary place. And sometimes arguments that start online go too far. We’ve all seen businesses that have closed or shut down just because of online hate. While most of the time social media is fun to use, if you argue with the wrong person, things can get out of hand quickly. They might try to track you down or learn how to spy on text messages to learn more about you.

In fact, some people who have disagreed with others on social media sites have had their bosses called, their phone numbers put online, and their privacy and safety threatened. All of this was just for disagreeing with a stranger online. So, if you’re going to use social media, here’s how to keep arguments under control before they go too far and become real world problems:

How You Express Yourself Matters

It’s perfectly fine to disagree with people, but keep your comments respectful and polite. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street and call them terrible names, right? Then don’t do it online either. You never know who is really on the other end of your device. In addition, you don’t know how they’ll react to what you say or how to spy on text messages. They’re less likely to get heated if you make sure that your post isn’t overly aggressive.

Use Your Block Button

All social media sites give you the option to block users. So if you’re starting to argue with someone and they aren’t listening to you but are getting heated, just block them. By blocking them early on, you can diffuse some of their rage and make sure that they can’t see any of your important information and have the chance to write it down. Don’t wait until the argument is full blown. Just block them and move on.

Take a moment to relax and think before posting on social media.
Take a deep breath and step away from the screen if you need to.

Before you block them, though, you should also report them to the site’s staff. All social media channels have rules against bullying, cyberstalking, and other offensive behaviors. Report the incident to the staff so that you have a paper trail of that person’s harassment, just in case you need it later on. Make sure that you take screenshots of their messages to you, too. You might need to document their messages to you in court, or discover how to spy on text messages, if things do go too far.


If it’s too late to block them, or if they have created fake accounts to go after you during an argument, apologize to the other person and try to get them to calm down. Even if you’re in the right, apologizing can help lower the tension and may deflect some of their anger. It’s not worth the risk just to be right. Apologize and that’s it. Let them calm down and think they “won” the Internet argument.

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