Love Advice: Don’t Commit ‘Til You Know She’s the One for You

Love Advice: Don’t Commit ‘Til You Know She’s the One for You

You may say dating is a waste of time. But take this love advice and date someone before committing to her. If you don’t, how will you know she is the right person to spend the rest of your life with?

Dating is probably the most effective way of knowing someone deeper. And every relationship expert will tell you to do it. Alas, being in a relationship with someone does not always end in marriage. You should be aware of the signs that tell you the person you are with is the one you should bring to the altar. If you don’t see such signs, chances are your relationship won’t last. And you don’t want that to happen when you already put the ring on her.

Now, when you are dating, what signs will tell you that she is indeed “the one” and that you’re not just wasting your time?

Signs that Tell You’re Dating “the One”

Unlike women, men don’t usually research and learn about relationships by the book. And so, they have no idea what to look for in a woman who is in it for the long run. Men go with their instincts and their emotions. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to heartbreak.

But if you are ready to settle down, you should know how to tell if she’s the one and be aware of these signs that tell you so.

  • You trust her and she trusts you.
  • She is emotionally consistent.
  • She empathizes with you and with others.
  • She is honest.
  • She talks of her future and that of yours.
  • She wants to improve herself.
  • She puts effort into your relationship, especially in making you feel special.
  • She inspires you.

When you see such signs in the woman you are dating, coupled with the feelings you have for her, then you should know she is worthy of being your wife.

But do know it is not always easy being in a relationship, especially in the dating phase. Because of this, you should also get some dating advice before getting in on the action. Be prepared so you don’t suffer the painful consequences of failed relationships.

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