My 10 Essential Breakup Songs

My 10 Essential Breakup Songs

When traveling across the world, sometimes music is the only constant I have. I always bring my trusty iPod with me for every flight and new destination. It’s lasted me almost 5 years now! Sometimes, there are certain songs you want to listen to if you’re thinking about how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. You may also be dealing with a rough patch in your relationship or a recent breakup. Check out my list of 10 breakup songs that I think will help you get through this trying time.

The Scientist – Coldplay

This somber tune presents the end of a relationship and what it feels like to look back on it, as well as what could have been done differently. The lyrics of “The Scientist” express deep regret and a desire to fix things.

Moneygrabber – Fitz and the Tantrums

Unlike a lot of the other songs on this list, “Moneygrabber” is a more light-hearted take on how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. It’s a perfect song to jam to on the highway when you’re starting to appreciate the single life.

Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

Whether you want to admit it or not, a lot of us have thought about getting some form of revenge on an ex. “Before He Cheats” captures those feelings perfectly in a song that’s simply cathartic to listen to. I don’t recommend destroying your ex’s car, but this song can help you live out those fantasies in your head.

Don’t Speak – No Doubt

“Don’t Speak” might be one of the most essential breakup songs of the 90’s. Gwen Stefani pleads with her lover to not even tell her that they’re breaking up – she already knows and can’t handle hearing the words. A truly beautiful song.

Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Over 10 years after its initial release, “Mr. Brightside” remains a beloved song among many people. Not only is it catchy and fun to sing along to, but its relatable lyrics chronicle the feelings of being cheated on while in a relationship with someone.

Jolene – Dolly Parton

“Jolene” deals with the feelings one faces when confronted with the “other woman.” No matter what gender you are, it’s only natural to compare yourself to the person your significant other cheated on you with.

Unfaithful – Rihanna

Rihanna has put out both club hits and heartbreaking tracks.
Although she’s mainly known for her club tracks, Rihanna knows how to put out a heartbreaking ballad.

This song presents the other side of what might happen if you have to wonder how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. Rihanna channels the feelings of being the cheater in the relationship and the guilt that comes with it.

Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.

Sometimes, after being cheated on or a failed relationship, you might feel completely alone. “Everybody Hurts” is a song that helps you see outside your scope and think about the bigger picture, letting you know that you’re never truly alone.

Runaround Sue – Dion

Who doesn’t love this catchy oldies song? This seemingly cheerful number describes how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. If you’re not sure what red flags to look for in a relationship, give “Runaround Sue” another listen.

Rolling in the Deep – Adele

What would a list of breakup songs be without Adele? There are few things more comforting than listening to her tales of heartbreak after the end of a relationship. Rolling in the Deep, arguably her most iconic song, lingers on what might have been.

Are there any essential songs that I left off of this list? Send me an email! I’d love to check it out.

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