Do I Really Need to Use Social Media?

Do I Really Need to Use Social Media?

The original goal of social media to connect people. School, work, and other obligations have caused them to have less time for social gatherings with the ones they love. Social media bridges the gap and brings people closer together, even when they’re thousands of miles away. For me, a pilot who is constantly traveling, social media helps me stay connected with my family and friends at the touch of a button. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. While social media does come with its own set of challenges, we definitely need it in this day and age. It helps us keep in touch, learn more about one another, plan events, and even catch a cheater in the act.

Connecting with Each Other

Social media can keep families connected.
If you’re traveling, you can still feel connected to your family with social media.

Social media gives us a platform to express ourselves, while sharing our most important milestones with our loved ones. We’re able to talk with them whenever we want, even when distance seemingly separates us. For example, some of the pilots I work with can be away from home for a week or two at a time. But with social media, they’re able to see and interact with their spouses and their children while they’re away. In addition, social media can expose a person’s true character. It can be used to catch a cheater, as the Internet makes it much more difficult to hide affairs. It’s possible for an entire affair to be discovered from just one stray comment or photo. Once you learn someone’s true nature, you can decide whether to continue the relationship or not.

Bonding over Interests

Besides just bringing people together, social media allows users to share their interests. For example, you have to carefully word your post to capture the attention of your friends on Facebook. The texts, photos, and videos you post are meant to capture what you really are feeling or experiencing at that moment. Social media creates a stage for you to express anything you want. When we view what our friends have posted, we can be inspired to try new things and pick up new hobbies.

Making Money with Social Media

Over time, many creative minds have found a way to earn a living through posting on social media. It’s possible to use the number of followers you have as an asset for advertising contracts. You just have to convince a potential sponsor that you have the right audience for their products. For example, a number of models and amateur photographers have used social media to jumpstart their careers. Though some have happened by accident, the number of successful ventures started on social media is tangible evidence of its power and impact.

People can use the immense possibilities of social media to do so many things, like catch a cheater or contact an old friend. While there may be some dangers lurking in social media and its uses, it offers many more worthwhile advantages for people all over the world. Want to learn more? Get in touch with me.

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