Smart Home Appliances Help My Elderly Parents Live Alone Safely While I’m Away

Smart Home Appliances Help My Elderly Parents Live Alone Safely While I’m Away

Like most people with elderly parents I worry all the time about their safety, especially because I travel a lot for work as a pilot. I am sometimes flying 5 or 6 days out of the week, so it’s not easy or convenient to get back home to check on them. My parents are in pretty good health, but as they get older, they are getting more and more forgetful. I stress about what would happen if my mom left the stove on or if my dad didn’t remember to turn off the coffee pot. I worry that they could get hurt or be sick, and they wouldn’t be able to reach anyone for help. Or I should say, I worried before I read some great news on popular digital blogs.

Smart Appliances

The last time my two siblings and I went home to see my parents, we noticed how often they were forgetting small things like turning off the stove. That became a big worry for us all. As many do, I took to Google for a solution. Of the many ideas, many digital blogs suggested smart appliances and smart plugs so that their house would be easier for them to manage. My parents have smartphones and are really great with technology. Years ago, we made sure to get them the larger phone models that are easier for them to see and use, and they love them.

We talked to our parents about the smart technology, and they were all in! We took a family trip to the home store and checked out the options. I had no idea how many smart appliances are on the market or the amazing things they can do! Together we all pitched in to get all new smart appliances for my parents, and we invested in smart plugs so that we could turn some of their non-smart appliances into smart appliances. I had also read on while doing my digital blog research that an Amazon Echo would allow them to use voice control for their appliances or call for help from anywhere in the house if they needed to. I added that to the list too.

It took about a weekend for my parents to learn how to use the new appliances, but being able to control the washer or dishwasher or the coffee pot from a smartphone app or from the Amazon Echo has been a game changer for my parents–and for my siblings and I. Now they don’t need to check if they turned off the stove; they can just tell Alexa to turn off the stove, or to turn on the washing machine. With their new smart refrigerator, they get alerts when items are about to expire or when they need things.

I search through digital blogs and found the best solution for my parents.
My parents were all about adding smart appliances to their home.

Peace of Mind

Best of all my siblings and I can check-in with my parents from all over the country. This became much easier than worrying all the time (it’s even easier than trying to have a long distance relationship!) When I want to be sure about is that they are okay. Now it’s simple to open the app and check the heat is working and that the stove is off. It brings me immense peace of mind to know that my elderly parents are safe in their old home. Thank you digital blogs for sharing the many possibilities with smart appliances and smart home tech.

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