Introducing The Mindful Snacker

5 January 2021
Introducing The Mindful Snacker

The time has come to make snacking a simple pleasure again. Pilot Lite is proud to announce the creation of Mindful Snacker Limited, offering a line of better-for-you snacks across a range of categories from 2021. 


After more than a decade of helping corporates around the world commercialize innovation, Pilot Lite established Pilot Lite Capital (PLC) in 2018 to invest its own capital into R&D opportunities. Mindful Snacker is the latest company to launch with Pilot Lite funding and follows hot on the heels of Pulpex Limited - a collaboration announced in July 2020 to establish a sustainable packaging company with a mission to produce the world’s first paper bottle for spirits and other CPG industries. 


“We were able to acquire several innovative technologies that created a foundation for a better-for-you snack company." said Mike Anstey, CEO, Pilot Lite. "We believe Mindful Snacker has the potential to become a market leader by offering innovative, delicious snacks that minimize fat, salt and calories.” 


The first UK product launch in April will be a sliced potato crisp with 50 percent less fat and lower salt content than other leading crisps produced with a ground-breaking new cooking process developed over 10 years. Later this year, the Mindful Snacker team - with their extensive knowledge and experience of the snacking sector - plan to launch several other better-for-you snack products across a range of categories, offering tasty alternatives to traditional dips and plant-based products.  


Tara Quick, CEO, Mindful Snacker said: “Our goal is to become the most innovative snack brand company in the market by delivering delicious snacks that are also better for you. Our approach to creating snacks includes all-natural ingredients and no additives. Mindful Snacker will offer the convenience sector and independent retailers a portfolio solution that appeals directly to the health-conscious consumer.” 


Watch this space for more details coming soon...



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