Solutions for a Food System Under Stress

18 January 2021
Solutions for a Food System Under Stress

With our global food system undergoing a revolution, Pilot Lite is once again proud to sponsor the Future Food-Tech virtual summit being held on 11 and 12 March - including a keynote presentation by Mike Anstey.


Speakers and delegates will tackle highly relevent topics including:

  • Solutions for a plastic-free future
  • Preventing food waste on an industrial scale through upcycling
  • How consumption habits have changed post-Covid
  • New sources to fill the emerging protein gap
  • Is the future of meat a cell- and plant-based hybrid?

On 11 March, Pilot Lite CEO, Mike Anstey will be presenting a keynote on accelerating the commercialization of corporate innovation.

Find out more here. Hope you can join us!



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