BASF collaboration with Pulpex

23 June 2021
BASF collaboration with Pulpex

BASF, the world's leading supplier of innovative materials for the packaging industry, has forged a collaboration with Pulpex Ltd and its global partners to develop proprietary, food-grade barrier technologies for the eco-friendly Pulpex paper bottle.


Scott Winston, CEO, Pulpex, said: "We're proud to be working alongside a world-leading, innovative company like BASF. Their strategic intent and track record of advancing chemical sciences to deliver a more sustainable future makes the company an ideal partner for Pulpex."


BASF has a long tradition as a supplier of innovative solutions for the packaging industry and has an expert network of highly experienced technicians that support customers in product development and process optimization.


Victoria Callaghan, Packaging Project Manager at BASF plc, said: "We are helping to drive positive innovation in the packaging industry and are determined to help deliver sustainable packaging materials where we can, while ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of our products. It's great to be working with Pulpex to continue developing its paper bottling technology for the world."


The wide range of applications for the Pulpex technology include alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, liquid foods, homecare, personal care and consumer healthcare. The company is also working toward adding the capability of holding hot-fill and carbonated products by the end of 2022.



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