Announcing w'air x SneakersER

14 July 2021
Announcing w'air x SneakersER

Following its launch last month, w'air - the sustainable fabric care system developed using Pilot Lite's patented hydrodynamic technology - has today announced an exclusive partnership with SneakersER to usher in a new era of sneaker care.

With a strong desire amongst sneaker enthusiasts to protect their prized-possessions from stains and odours and keep them looking fresh for longer, a UK team of inventors has created the first sustainable fabric care device on the market. Manual cleaning can sometimes take hours and putting them in the washing machine, for many, is just too high risk. The w’air x SneakersER partnership has created the ideal alternative.

w’air uses hydrodynamic technology to create a blast of water, air and cleaning solution that actively collides with dirt, grime and everyday odours. This innovative technology uses significantly less water and energy than conventional laundry to remove stains, odours and bacteria from fabrics, making it perfect for sneakers - safely cleaning soles and uppers, extending their life.

As part of the ongoing partnership, SneakersER will be using the co-branded device in their stores and concessions for their premium sneaker laundry service. After extensive testing by SneakersERtheir Laundry range has been found to be the perfect pairing with the w’air device technology, making this the go-to cleaning tool for any sneaker lover. 


Jonathan Hewlett, Pilot Lite Venture Lead and w’air CEO comments: 

Having worked in FMCG and fashion for over 25 years, I have seen the sneaker trend completely explode. What went from just another shoe has now transformed into a ‘must-have’ accessory and, in many cases, an expensive one. If you are paying upwards of £100 for trainers, the thought of putting them in the washing machine to remove any marks or freshen them up just doesn’t feel right. Consumers need the tools to care for their sneakers in a way that can protect and extend their lifespan. We are beyond excited to be partnering with SneakersER, such a renowned brand in the sneaker space, to bring out an exclusive collaboration which has been extensively tested and can help those who value their sneakers to keep them as clean and fresh as possible!”


Al & Rob, Founders of Sneakers ER comments: 

We know how important it is to our audience and customers to keep sneakers clean and looking fresh. They are always looking for the best way to care for them. That’s why, when we got our hands on a w’air, we couldn’t wait to see how this pioneering device worked for sneaker care. Anyone who uses our services wants the best for their sneakers and that’s why we extensively tested w’air ourselves. We fully believe this will be a great partnership and a new, exciting step in the future of sneaker care.  Our Laundry team have been using the w'air device as part of their sneaker cleaning process and have loved the results. It helps speed up the laundry process, safely cleaning soles and uppers much quicker than a manual clean, but with the same high standard you'd expect from SneakersER. We are really excited to be using the w’air x SneakersER device in our stores and supplying it online so that everyone can access quality sneaker care at home.” 


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