The Grocer Guide To Snacking 2021

12 October 2021
The Grocer Guide To Snacking 2021

Simply Roasted is the result of a £20m investment and 10 years of hard work and innovation, culminating in the creation of a patented multi-step preparation and cooking system that is completely new to the market.

For many people in this country, crisps are a natural part of life from early childhood, it’s a category with a household penetration of 93%. Crisps really cut across age, race and gender in a way that very few categories do. At the same time, we know there’s an established and growing need for healthier options.

“We’re disrupting the category with our crisps, which are the first to truly bridge the gap between indulgent and better- for-you,” says marketing director, Ruth Fittock. “Simply Roasted crisps have everything you want and expect from a traditional fried crisp; crunch, taste satisfaction but our health claims are among the best in the category – 50% less fat, lower in salt and under 100 calories a serving. As such, ours is the only sliced potato crisp that won’t be affected by HFSS legislation, and we’ve managed to achieve this with no compromise on taste or flavour. This sets us apart from the competition and will be key to our success with consumers.”

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