Pilot Lite CEO Tapped for FFT Advisory Board

9 November 2022
Pilot Lite CEO Tapped for FFT Advisory Board

Mike Anstey, Pilot Lite CEO and Co-Founder, is helping to shape the next Future Food-Tech Summit, an event that has become a global hub connecting 1,600 international food brands, ingredient providers, investors, start-ups and technology leaders.

As a member of the Advisory Board for FFT San Fran, Mike has been talking with corporates, investors, and startups form around the globe to uncover the most exciting opportunities in food and beverage. You can see the entire board here.

"Having validated and launched more than 100 corporate technologies, parked R&D projects, platform extensions, and new businesses whilst co-investing millions of dollars, Pilot lite has a deep well of experience to draw upon and share at FFT," Mike said. "The San Fran FFT is a can't miss event for us."

Mike will also be a panelist at the upcoming event, scheduled for March 16 & 17, which draws nearly 1,000 delegates from the food & beverage space to talk about strengthening the food industry.

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