Pilot Lite Sponsors Net Zero Conference

23 February 2024
Pilot Lite Sponsors Net Zero Conference

Pilot Lite is proud to sponsor the Sustainability Live Net Zero conference March 6-7 in London.

Since 2009, Pilot Lite has been adding bandwidth and acceleration to corporate R&D, innovation, and sustainability teams, from developing a sustainable packaging material for a leading food & bev company to validating a process that converts brewers' spent grain into a nutritional ingredient to collaborating on the development of the world's first paper bottle. Pilot Lite approaches sustainability with a commercial deployability lens to identify opportunities for cost savings, revenue generation, and collaborative ventures.

"Corporates have less than 2,000 days to meet the UN Global Compact 2030 deadlines," said Mike Anstey, Pilot Lite CEO & Founder. "We look forward to meeting Net Zero delegates and discussing how we can help them achieve their ESG initiatives on a margin-accretive basis."

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